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StarTer Sieve Buckets (small)

The StarTer screening buckets have been designed to bring on-site screening
within the reach of smaller companies and hire firms.

Following the success of the Rotastar range, we wanted to design a new, no frills range for smaller carriers. With the new design, the customer is able run a high-output screening bucket
at a very affordable price, with low running costs.

Material is constantly rotated, without any chopping or pinching, making screening of damp, fragile and special materials possible. Suitable for top soil, waste, turf, roots, gypsum, knotweed and many other applications.    The Lloyd Rotastar™ bucket has a unique screening action. It rotates the material in a similar manner to a trommel screen, but has the benefit of rotating star discs, agitating and clawing at the material as it turns.  This is achieved by mounting star shafts on a large arc, forming the back and top of the bucket.

• Lightweight, hard-wearing, flexible, self-cleaning polyurethane
stars. This means no pinch or crushing areas, resulting in low
power requirement and no contamination from crushed
material. The flexible stars are gentle on fragile material such
as roots, vegetation and turf.

• Massive screening area, due to the light weight of the star
segments, which results in high output and excellent cost
• The rotary action of the bucket allows complete mixing of
material as it is being screened, ensuring complete separation.
The bucket is screening throughout its cycle, with no time
wasted in stopping and reversing the shafts.

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