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SG280 TILT Grapple Saw

grapple saw excavator attachment

The SG280 Grapple Saw with Tilt is suitable for felling and removing of trees and branches, for example, in parks and near power lines etc. It has no need for any extra hydraulics and it requires a low oil flow. It is also very easy to install. With their light weight and independent controls these units can be used as a crane or excavator attachment, or even on a light boom arm mounted on truck or tractor.

Fast to install and easy to use – increases your productivity
Stable platform for both felling and loading
Full wireless remote control (optional)
Also works perfectly as a traditional loading grapple
No additional hydraulic lines are needed – only grapple open and grapple close
Completely stepless control – for example, stop the tilt half way if necessary.

Manufactured in Finland –   for more information call 0408 233 337

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