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Kovaco All Electric Skid Steer Elise 900

World’s 1st Electric Skid Steer, in Production for 3 years
• Electric power    The Elise 900 is powered by 3 electric motors. They do not need any fuel and are therefore environmentally friendly
• Extremely Low Operating Costs  (see PDF below)
• No noise    Thanks to the electric drive, the Elise 900 is significantly quieter than conventional loaders. Therefore, working with Elise is not disturbing and is suitable for every environment.
• Zero emission
By replacing internal combustion engines with electric motors, the Elise 900 is environmentally friendly and is also suitable for all construction & building work.
• Samsung Phone with proprietary control app.
• Proprietary bucket self-leveling system,
• Quick coupler – SAE J2513,
• Danfoss Hydraulics,
• Lead-acid battery – 96V/240Ah with 3 phase 50Ah Charger,
• FOPS & ROPS Safety Cabin,
• Seat with safety belt and operator detection system,
• Windshield wiper with sprayer,
• Front roller sunshade,
• Tinted glass,
• Opening sunroof,
• Left and Right rear-view mirror
• Basic bucket,
• ISO Joystick Control,
• Cabin Heating,
• Rear-view cameras and reverse alarm,